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Game Changing
Sales Generator
Increase more traffic and conversion rates to your e-store by creating fast Markdown Sales.
Sell the right items for the right audience.
#1 Personalized
E-store Analytics
Analyze e-store reports in real time.
Get full selling information about your buyers and items and Keep your buyers' data for unlimited time.
Automatically Interacts
With your Buyers
Identify your Repeat Buyers and send Automated 'Thank You' letters to recruit buyers to your mailing list. Promote more and sell more often.
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Victor Levitin

“I was very impressed with CampaignGo! It’s evident that there is an extensive amount of experience and “know how” in the solution. Keep up the great work!”

Top Rated eBay Seller, e-Commerce specialist and CEO of CrazyLister LTD.

Joel Elad

“CampaignGO has become invaluable! It gives me a lot of great information. Every time I get a Best Offer I look at my CampaignGO screen to help figure out whether I want to Accept, Counter or Decline a Best Offer.”

Top Rated Seller, eBay Education Specialist, Mentor and Author of 7 books on w-Commerce, social networking, and technology. eBay Store: Joel's Singned Variant CGC Comics.

Stephanie Inge

“I signed up for their free trial and my sales have continued to increase. I highly recommend that you check them out and sign up…”

Top Rated Seller, Educational Specialist, Meetup Guru and author of “Meetup Organizer Step-by-Step Success Guide”. eBay store: Stephintexas


“Dr. Gan who developed CampaignGO is an an eBay seller! He understands what sellers need & has delivered a great product! CampaignGO helps me maximize profits in my eBay store every day!”

Top Rated Seller, eBay Educational specialist, e-Commerce speaker and blogger at www.ilovetobeselling.com. eBay store: nycfitnessfamilyfinds

Gary Pleines

“Easily apply multiple filters. Put old inventory on sale, filtering by items older than a certain date or put overstocked items on sale. There are virtually unlimited combinations of filters you can apply.”

Top Rated Seller. eBay store: FUNsational Finds

Sharon Pleines

“Best Offer Advisor is easy to use. You can see pending offers and view the buyer’s past feedback along with their offer and an easy way to accept or counter. CampaignGo makes eBay’s Best Offer much more efficient.”

Top Rated Seller. eBay store: FUNsational Finds


Over the past 10 years, we established two top rated eBay stores with numerous satisfied customers.
As sellers, we recognized the need for efficient tools that would help us increase our online store traffic and BOOST revenues while saving valuable time and money.
We couldn't find such solutions so we decided to create it ourselves.


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