13 things I have learned in 10 years of selling on eBay

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There are many things I have learned over the years since I started selling on eBay. I have gathered 13 of the most important rules, which are my “Rules for success”.

  1. My customers expect good service! It doesn’t matter what I sell, where I send it from or what my personal situation is. If I promise a NEW, sealed, under warranty item or anything else, it should really be like that when it arrives to the buyer. If I promise shipping of max 10 business days then the package should arrive even earlier than that.
  2. If I deliver extraordinary service I will benefit even more:  I will get good feedback and other customers will see, appreciate and feel safer to buy from me. I win twice, I will get a returning customer that will recommend my store to his friends and I will get new customers that rely on good feedback!
  3. Customers are always right, even if they are wrong 🙂  No matter what the issue is,  I have to assume and go by this rule – The Customers Are Right, therefore I do whatever it takes to satisfy them.
    Negative feedback is not an option even if I lose money.

    customer right
    13 things I have learned in 10 years of selling on eBay
  4. Communication! Communication! Did I mention Communication? In online selling I don’t actually see the customers, so I always remember that customers are also humans and that I can talk to them. If some unplanned problem occurred, the package is delayed for a week or something else, I don’t pray for miracles. I contact the buyer and explain the situation. Most people are understanding to the problem. (Extraordinary service – see #2)
  5. I Update my customers with every change in the status of their package! It should not only be:  “your payment was received” or “please leave us your feedback”. Update them when the package is being handled and packaged, picked up by post office or courier, when it arrives to the destination country and so on. Be there!
  6. Treat your eBay store as if it was a physical store! Put an effort in it’s design and choose the best photos to represent your products. Describe your items in the best way possible, and the listings will sell themselves.
  7. Rome wasn’t built in a day! It doesn’t matter what you are selling, you need patience. A good and stable eBay business takes time to build. So even if you have thousands of great items waiting to be listed and offered for sale, don’t be too hasty, take your time to establish the best logistics on eBay for your business. By building my eBay business slower I have been around for almost a decade, and I plan to stay and continue to grow my business.
  8. Know your traffic! There is more than just ebay.com in the world. There are many other eBay countries like UK, Australia, and Germany and so on. Learn your traffic!
  9. Constantly Improve! Be responsive to your customers’ needs and demands. If many of my customers complain about the same issue then this is the thing/service I need to improve ASAP. I try not to wait until they complain, I can optimize my store by just asking them about their experience with my stores and where they think I can improve.
  10. Technology! Relying on myself and my “great” 🙂 personal skills is definitely an asset when selling on eBay, but I have learnt over the years to look around for a third party solutions such as Aftership and SixBit and many others that can contribute to my business. These softwares and apps help me do better! Make my life easier, save me time and even make me more money.
  11. Think like a pro from day 1!
  12. Know your platform – whether you sell on eBay, Amazon, ETSY or any other e-commerce site – know your competitors, check out other stores, even buy something and experience being a buyer!
  13. Personal Touch! As a buyer, it’s always nice to get something you don’t expect from the seller! It can be a personal note saying thanks!, a small key-ring, perfume sample – any small token of appreciation! It works!

Have I missed out on anything? Is there anything more I can do to improve? Would love to get some comments – Don’t be shy!


See you next time,

Lahav – CEO & Founder, CampaignGo, owner of Part2Go & Art-in-Part