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repeat buyer

The Secret to Repeat Buyers and Why They’re Important to Your eBay E-STORE

As we all know an eBay sellers’ job never ends. We work around the clock to provide top quality service and products. That means hunting for treasures; photographing and listing; editing and re-editing titles and descriptions; using different promotional strategies to drive sales. It all comes down to that sweet cha-ching sound, telling us a … Continued

Epic eBay Store Design Tips for Non-Designers

Are you one of those eBay Store subscribers who has never dressed your store up or only did the minimum to make it yours? Perhaps you fiddled with it years ago and it’s just not as nice as your competitors’ stores? Maybe you think it doesn’t matter… Your store and other eBay pages display your … Continued


eBay Store Spring Cleaning Tips and eBay Conference Update

Spring has sprung, the grass is growing. It’s a great opportunity to check how successfully your eBay store is growing too! Cleaning and renewal are two of the most common rites of spring worldwide, and thus people of all cultures utilize the occasion to re-organize numerous aspects of their lives and their work. For us … Continued

CampaignGO eBay Meetup

Building a Community: The Israeli eBay Seller Meetup Story

“What makes eBay successful – the real value and the real power at eBay is the community. It’s the buyers and sellers coming together and forming a marketplace.” Pierre Omidyar, Founder of eBay Over a year ago, while attending the “eBay Radio Party & Conference” in Las Vegas, we were fortunate enough to meet the … Continued

Your Marketing Plan Doesn't Have to be a Mess

Your Marketing Plan Doesn’t Have to be a Mess: 4 Easy Pieces

  A marketing plan is really simple yet complex at the same time. In this digital age there are an almost endless variety of marketing channels, tools and tactics to grow a company. Often what a company does can be a bit of a mess with multiple efforts but not always sure of whether or not … Continued