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Your Marketing Plan Doesn't Have to be a Mess

Your Marketing Plan Doesn’t Have to be a Mess: 4 Easy Pieces

  A marketing plan is really simple yet complex at the same time. In this digital age there are an almost endless variety of marketing channels, tools and tactics to grow a company. Often what a company does can be a bit of a mess with multiple efforts but not always sure of whether or not … Continued

CampaignGO's Best Offer Advisor

5 Best Offer Hacks to Generate Higher eBay Sales

  One of the most valuable lessons we’ve learned selling on eBay over the past decade, is that the secret to being successful is taking full advantage of the different sales opportunities that this wonderful platform has to offer. That’s why we’re surprised when we come across sellers that don’t use eBay’s Best Offer option. … Continued

Kathy Terrill

2 Secrets To Running A Successful Sale On eBay

eBay sellers come to me saying “Kathy help my sales are slow! What can I do?!” I tell eBay sellers that there are many strategies that can work to help move inventory. Right now let’s discuss 2 successful methods to help you get more eBay sales!   IT’S ALL ABOUT THE CATEGORIES   One of … Continued

Post Holiday Blues

How to Overcome Post Holiday Sales Blues

Finally, the holiday buzz is over and little by little we’re getting our eBay Stores back to our everyday selling routine. After preparing special holiday listings, selling like crazy and summing up our holiday revenues, many of us might be left with a decent amount of excess inventory. This may happen either due to gift … Continued

Arnold Nesis

The eBay Seller Who Changed Arnold Nesis’s Life

Arnold Nesis is on a mission to find the eBay seller who changed his life. eBay, PayPal and CampaignGO joined his journey. This is the story of an accomplished Israeli musician that started his quest to seek the man who changed his life 15 years ago. Arnold Nesis is a creative entrepreneur that is currently working on … Continued