Ebay Open 2016 – 10 Most Important Tips by Award Winning Sellers

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eBay Open is one event which holds a lot of attraction for a lot of sellers with many entrepreneurs coming together to be recognized on the platform by sharing their wonderful ideas and experiences. Amongst them, there are some who have already proved their worth and shine through their businesses and some struggling businessmen and businesswomen who also want to enjoy the perks of having an established eBay company. Our idea is to share the best kind of knowledge with you so that sellers know how to thrive more in their respective businesses.


As in the words of this year’s Grand Prize Winner Laurie Wong “Everything that we need to be successful, we have it at our fingertips.” This means that all those sellers who have made their businesses stand out of the rest had some real help from the eBay community to make them what they are today.


Every year the customer service trends change, requiring intensive effort and more dedication from the sellers while ensuring that their businesses have a greater outreach now. eBay has been an integral part of many success stories so if you want yours to be one of them then keep these important points in mind and who knows, in the next eBay open you might be the one receiving an award.


Here are the best tips from the successful entrepreneurs who managed to grab some prestigious awards at the eBay open 2016:

  • eBay is an integral part of most of the businesses because it provides the required revenue:

eBay is not just to make extra money now. As a matter of fact, it is that particular source that brings you most of the revenue because of its reach to wider audiences. This revenue can be used for the expansion of the business so think again before considering earning through eBay only as a secondary income option.


  • Following high standards of quality and productivity while handling all kinds of customers:

Do you know that Laurie Wong actually makes sure that every picture of the product that is uploaded exactly matches the real physical appearance of it? This is the kind of effort she puts into her business and the result is in front of her eyes. Her business is making millions of dollars for her and she sends over 450 boxes of grocery to the needy people of her community every week.


  • Send a package the way you would want to receive it:

Nobody likes receiving products that are not packed neatly, making them undesirable for our customers. Always put some effort in the wrapping of your product by using quality paper and sending out beautifully wrapped pieces so that the customer actually feels thrilled to receive that product.


  • Be consistent and do not lose momentum:

Laurie Wong says that mostly the problem that businesses face is that once they start they achieve the desired level of success, their standard and productivity starts to decline. One must maintain the business with the same kind of dedication because once you lose the consistency and momentum, it would be much more difficult to get back on the track and regain the trust of your customers.


  • When need any help then it is just a phone call away so do not shy away:

When caught up in a dilemma or facing any kind of problem, feel free to contact them because eBay is always there to help the sellers in growing their businesses and attaining greater heights.


  • Use well the eBay file exchange system and merchant support:

The eBay file exchange system requires you to upload your listings where merchant support helps you to streamline your customers. Both the options help all the sellers to come in contact more quickly and efficiently with all the potential customers as mentioned by Tanya Crew who just won the best woman-owned business award


  • Ship out the products as soon as possible:

When Spencer Apland started out, it was just because he wanted to get rid of some extra car pieces but he made a lot of money through them so he wanted to do it again. The foremost thing in his mind is to ship the products as soon as possible because he believes that nothing disappoints the customer more than waiting for the product.


  • eBay has made any business accessible to anybody from any part of the world:

There was this time when only dads could go and buy things for the family but now whether it’s the mom or the children, anybody can be the buyer all thanks to eBay. Neha Gajwani who started out with just selling an iPhone case now has a global business with offices in Miami, India, and even in China. That is the power and reach of eBay.


  • Answer the emails promptly and give the buyer the exact information about the product:

Buyers really like it if their needs and concerns are met so be very prompt with answering all the emails and let them know what will be the actual look of the product once they receive it. This is what Lauralee Lindholm does, winner of the charitable business award.


  • A steady base of customers:

Repetitive customers are actually the cause of your growing businesses because it is their trust in your product that not only brings them back but also gets a lot of new customers. The family business winner William Wolstenholme says that eBay helps you build this kind of trust with all the customers.


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Best of luck and great sales,

The CampaignGO Team