We have gathered some frequently asked questions and answers about CampaignGO and online selling. In you don’t see your question below, send us an email info@campaigngo.com


Yes, CampaignGo tools are certified by eBay.

CampaignGo uses eBay’s API (Application program interface) and is certified by eBay.

With CampaignGo you can create sales events using the Markdown Guru, negotiate using the Best Offer Advisor, automates your own mailing list and more. You don’t need to connect to eBay directly. CampaignGo connects to your eBay account through its server system.

At the moment we only support stores on ebay.com.

We are working hard on adapting CampaignGo to all other eBay stores. Follow us on facebook and we will keep you posted.

Yes, in the ‘Manage Buyers’ tool you can choose from 2 export options:

1. Search Buyers by Items Purchased- Enter an item name and export all buyers’ information that purchased that item.

2. Export all Buyers to CSV- export all the Buyers which made purchases in your Store.

The export is compatible with Mailchimp’s import methods. Simply copy and paste the list.

Yes, you can connect multiple eBay account to your CampaignGo account and manage them together, depending on the number of listings you have. For more information, see Pricing.

A Markdown is a price reduction on your items, which is used in order to promote sales – try Markdown Guru

If you used sale campaigns before or new to Markdwon sales, the Markdown Guru is the tool for you. It simplifies and automates your Sale campaigns with unique filters. Recently, we added a Business Intelligence Dashboard that helps you select which items should go on a Sale, including potential revenue and analytics. – read more

In the Markdown Guru tool, click the button “Create New Sale” which is located on the “Sales List” screen on the top right side of the page. Fill in the details requested and define your sale settings in minutes.

Unfortunately, eBay does not have a ‘stop’ button to cancel a sale after it’s activated. But there is another way:

• Sign into your eBay account.
• Enter ‘My eBay’.
• Enter ‘Markdown Manager’.
• Click the ‘Edit’ button on the sale you wish to end.
• Click the’Clear listings’ button.
• the page will refresh itself and instead of X listing you had, it will show: 0. • Click on ‘Create your sale’ button.

All selected listings will be restored to their previous price.
The Markdown Sale will keep running until it’s ending date, but with 0 listings.

There is no limit as to how many sales can run simultaneously.

The sale first activated will contain the item, and the item will not appear on the second sale in order to avoid collisions.
If you chose the same items again when the first sale is already scheduled/ activated, you could choose the sale destination for your items.

When signing in, you will notice a yellow notification bar on top of the page, which detect your time zone. Simple approve.

Another method is to go to your profile (click on your name at the top right corner) and change the default time zone to yours.


There are eBay limits regarding the number of items put on sale, which are according to your store classification:

For Basic stores: 250 listings per day;

For Premium stores: 2,500 listings per day;

For Anchor stores: 5,000 listings per day;

We currently accept payment via PayPal.