CampaignGo Meets The World

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If you have ever jumped bungee, you probably know the thrill and feeling of uncertainty and no control a few seconds before you are leashed down back to the ground. Those few seconds of no control have a certain “cleanliness” “freshness”. This is how we feel now in CampaignGo, just a breath away from launching.

This is our first post and the only one in which we intend to talk about us, explaining how CampaignGo was “born” and reveal our vision for the next few years.

We have been eBay sellers for over 10 years, 2 stores, over 15,000 positive feedback’s and 10,000 items listed, over 50,000 sold items to more than 15,000 satisfied customers. As sellers, we know the amount of effort it takes to do it right, and understand the challenges that other sellers are facing. We have grown from our own experience.

Over the years we have adopted the best practices for almost every part of the selling process; from product titling and numbering, through shipping and service. There was only one thing we did not attend to until a year ago, and that was optimizing our sales process. We felt that the current platform did not meet our specific needs. Whenever we wanted to launch a sale, whether for old stock or new arrivals, it was a long and tiring process.

We started out with one tool  – our Markdown Guru, and quickly lead to developing two more tools – our Best Offer Advisor and Sales Reports. The great thing is that we are now launching the tools after extensive testing on our real eBay stores, and have realized four main things:

1. We have more time to deal with our clients and give them better service.

2. We can manage our stores more efficiently, as many of the manual processes are now automated.

3. We enjoy increased traffic and revenues.

4. We seriously rock!

Yes, the results of using CampaignGo tools may vary slightly between one seller to another. It depends on the sellers character, sales and product categories, but we are sure that any seller will find our software beneficial.

We see CampaignGo not only as an evolving workshop of Automated Promotional Sales tools, but also as a Knowledge Center for other online sellers.

Along the years we have accumulated a tremendous amount of knowledge as sellers. We are excited to share our knowledge and experience with you, and look forward to other sellers enjoying CampaignGo.
After all, it’s not every day that sellers develop tools for sellers!

Our Vision is to become the leaders in Automated Promotional Sales solutions for online sellers.
But, until we achieve that we hope to have as many of you to try out our software – Try us out!