Best Offer Advisor

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Congrats! You received a Best Offer on your eBay listing!

Now what?

How do you figure out if you should accept, decline or counter the offer? If you want to counter, what is the best price for your business?

Unfortunately it’s not so easy to figure those things out on eBay. Best case scenario – you start gathering scattered bits and pieces of relevant data from your store and waste your precious time. Worst case you’ll go with your gut reaction, respond right away and hope for the best.


The Best Offer Advisor identifies:

  • Popular listings
    More popular listings with a good sales history or with many watchers mean you probably shouldn’t discount too heavily.
  • Old listings or dead stock
    But you might accept a lower offer on old listings or stock that’s not moved so you can invest in new products that will sell.
  • Returning buyers
    You might discount more for a repeat buyer to reward their allegiance. Keep them coming back again and again.


Each time you receive a Best offer, CampaignGO’s Best Offer Advisor sends you a short EMAIL with ALL the information you need to decide right away:

  • Listing data: date listed, date last sold, amount of items sold, average sale price, amount of items in stock, number of watchers, free shipping, and more!
  • Buyers’ data: purchase history, negotiation history, contact info.

How can you decide how to deal with a Best Offer WITHOUT this information! You’ll save time, have greater insight and ultimately make more profitable decisions.



CampaignGO Best Offer Advisor – The easiest way to answer your best offers!

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Joel Elad

“I’ve been using CampaignGO for a while now and it has become invaluable! It gives me a lot of great information. Every time I get a Best Offer I look at my CampaignGO screen to help figure out whether I want to Accept, Counter or Decline a Best Offer.”

Top Rated Seller, eBay Education Specialist, Mentor and Author of 7 books on w-Commerce, social networking, and technology. eBay Store: Joel's Singned Variant CGC Comics.

Maida Webster

Ok I just wanted to share that I’m REALLY liking these tools!
Got a Best Offer for something that I was about to turn down without realizing it’s been in the store since 2011 which showed up on my Campaigngo email! Did not have to go in and open the listing to see any of that info. Well that turned my mind around fast!.

Top Rated Plus Seller. eBay Store: Connectibles

Sharon Pleines

“The Best Offer part of CampaignGO is easy to navigate. You can see very easily if you have any pending offers. There is a quick link to view the buyer’s past feedback along with viewing their offer and an easy way to accept or counter their offer. If you use eBay’s Best Offer features today, CampaignGo will make using these features much more efficient.”

Top Rated Seller. eBay store: FUNsational Finds



Product Feature eBay Best Offer CampaignGo Best Offer Advisor
Original Price
Quantity Available
Offer Price
Negotiation History
Amount of this Item Sold
Number of Watchers
Listed as Free Shipping?
Date Added to Store
Last Sold Date
Avg Sale Price
Expiry Date & Time
On Markdown as Well?
Buyer’s Name
Buyer’s Contact Info
Buyer’s Purchase History
Buyer’s eBay ID
Percentage of the Original Price
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how does it work?

  1. Best Offer Mail hits your inbox.
  2. The email’s subject already includes the item’s title, suggested price and wanted quantity.
  3. Within the email you will have all the relevant details you need in order to make a smart decision, such as: item’s original price, price reduction, number of items in stock, shipping status, average sale price, buyer’s info etc’.
  4. After considering all of the information, you can either:
    • Respond directly from the email by clicking accept, reject or counter offer.
    • Or
    • In case you need more information to make the decision, click on the “more details” button and you will be redirected to the application, where you can see additional information about the item and the buyer.


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