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It may be hard to believe, but there has been the beginning of autumn, and you know what that means! It’s almost time for pumpkins, skeletons, and things that bump in the night come out. Yes, Halloween is just around the corner and for eBay sellers is a good time to make some money.
But most or some sellers may face problems during the Halloween period, and it might affect your sales. Here are some problems most eBay sellers might face and how to prevent them.


    Online retailers often compete on price, for example, tens or even hundreds of eBay sellers or those that will venture into your niche because of high demand for a particular item, it will be difficult to make adequate sales which specify the same products in the markets. All these sellers compete to sell with nothing to distinguish their premises other than price. This type of competition has affected the mid-sized sellers who do not have enough capacity or funds to compete.

    Everybody knows that Halloween ceremony or holiday kicks off on the 31st of October, so planning ahead as a seller is a good decision you could make in other not to be left alone because as a seller you have to change the trend of season or holidays in making sales, some sellers fail to send out a message to their target audience or repeat buyers informing them about the new items in stock, promos or giveaways, which could be a means of making your customers have you in mind. Also most eBay sellers make the mistake of thinking that making money on Halloween celebration is an impossible task, there’s popular saying that “What you believe in is what is going to be” so if you believe that they are going to be ways to make to still make sales during Halloween period, then you are on the right track.

    Due to some sellers may have inadequate funds to join other sellers in selling their new items for Halloween or trying to be ahead of others will make the seller go on borrowing funds with high interest which he/she is not yet sure of massive turnout from his/her goods.

    During the period of Halloween, most people are indoors, adults may be busy watching horror films, creating haunted graveyards, children moving round the streets playing pranks, wearing scary clothes, vampires, skeletons and some may be out for Halloween parties. Sellers who fail to make sales earlier enough will have low sales of their stocks, especially if what they are selling is not of something related to the needs of people during Halloween.


  1. Give out urgent discount promotions, running daily flash messages and free-shipping to online shoppers.
    The holiday season is the best time to do promotional offers and get the highest conversion rate. In these events, customers search a lot for discounts, especially online shoppers, such as offers and deals are everywhere, and there are many possibilities for comparison. It is assumed that the products are combined in packages that use the tactic of upselling and cross-selling with discount offers bulk sales these days. The closure puts the holidays, the most pressing of their offers must be because people will finish their school shopping when the festival ends. Running daily deals with messages urging the flash just as today, is valid until midnight, they will be a 30percent slash OFFER for 3 hours, which will work in special sales events. Last Halloween period, it was reported and analyzed that free-shipping was a huge driver of purchasing decisions on online stores.
    It would cost a bit but it’s worth risk taking for because it will attract or generate more sales for you because most online buyers may add or increase the number of products they need thereby boosting seller’s revenue.

  2. Getting Prepared:
    It has become common for online shoppers to search for items early enough before the holiday. According to the National Foundation for retailers, 40 percent of consumers start shopping before Halloween. Not only will they buy for Halloween, but also to buy for future holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. This can be seen with Google reports that research 1-4 US customers search for gifts and long instruments before Halloween. To catch the start of sales, online retailers must prepare for possible early holiday sales. Inflate your inventory, ready-promotion, trade and completed all of the at least two weeks before the holiday season. If you do not want to appear too early, starting with the publication of some jokers on the landing page or send promotional e-mails to remind, customers were visiting your shop to the big day for the agreement. The ideal is to become the top reason customers choose when they think the place to shop / research for during holidays.

  3. Build your online presence before Halloween
    Try and identify through social media platforms your target customers are using or use, Is it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn? Finding out will bring traffic to your e-bay online retail stores which equal many people to patronize you.
    Doing these can easily help you run promotional ads to target your audience informing them about the latest online Halloween deals in stock that will ensure safety and be more fun full to use during this period, you can as well set up an email blast with an auto responder informing sellers about your products, also include tips on how to shop safely on their online market stores because these builds your customers trust that you will deliver the exact product you are selling. When you now have a large database of your customers, try to engage them and give them feedbacks in whatever questions or inquiries they need from you. You can also build your online presence by getting a website and including a link to your online retailing store, while making a post about your Halloween deals, include hashtags such as #Halloween deals.

    In conclusion, whether you are an online seller or a marketer, we are bound to face challenges, staying updated and taking actions will make you stand out in your business. We wish you more sales during Halloween period. Stay focused and top-up your game.



    Wishing you a happy Halloween,

    The CampaignGO Team

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