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eBay 20th Anniversary Thoughts

It’s been a few days since eBay’s 20th anniversary celebration which means a few days to let the hype (and great food) settle in. A few reflections:   MY PERSPECTIVE I’m a buyer and seller on eBay; marketing applications to eBay sellers for over six years; founded an eBay/ecommerce seller Meetup group in the SF … Continued


CampaignGo @ eBay Radio Party & Conference 2015

The eBay Radio Party & Conference, the annual, three-day gathering of the eBay community, took place in the Platinum Ballroom at Bally’s Resort & Casino, Las Vegas from 16th to 18th June 2015. This year, CampaignGo had the privilege of being one of the sponsors of this empowering happening, which celebrated the 12th anniversary of eBay Radio … Continued