The eBay Seller Who Changed Arnold Nesis’s Life

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Arnold Nesis is on a mission to find the eBay seller who changed his life.
eBay, PayPal and CampaignGO joined his journey.

Arnold Nesis
Arnold Nesis

This is the story of an accomplished Israeli musician that started his quest to seek the man who changed his life 15 years ago.

Arnold Nesis is a creative entrepreneur that is currently working on a fascinating project which involves creating a music album produced as a video game featuring famous artists such as Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal of Guns N’ Roses, Rudd Julie of Within Temptation, and more.

A quick trip down memory lane brings us to December 2000, the early years of eBay. Back then Arnold is a 15 year old boy with big dreams to pursue a professional music career. He had great potential and lots of motivation, but lacked his parents’ approval. So he started searching for someone to grant him an opportunity and help him become the musician he dreamed of being.

So, I went to eBay and hoped to find someone nice.” Arnold reminisces “I sent messages to a few auctions for guitars that were about to end, saying ‘I am a poor boy from Israel who needs a guitar, and if you are not going to use this guitar and can’t sell it, please send it to me’. To my surprise, one of the sellers replied ‘Hi, I’m a Jew too. This is my present for you for Chanukah’. He sent the guitar all the way from U.S, and paid for the shipping as well which was something like $200.

Now Arnold is determined to find this special person:


The video went viral and received almost 87,000 views since airing on December 24th. Arnold has been receiving messages ever since from people around the world, who are trying to help him solve the mystery.
One of these emails came from Scott Henshaw of PayPal who came across the video on Facebook and was extremely moved by it, since he himself shares a special bond with the Israeli eBay seller that sold him his first eBay item; Scott’s favorite Alphaville record that he cherished to this day. Scott decided to help Arnold in any way he could and contacted colleagues on eBay as well as CampaignGO and recruited us for the mission in hope of finding Arnold’s happy ending.

Scott Henshaw
Scott Henshaw, Paypal.











Life has been pretty hectic for Arnold ever since the video went viral, and yet he managed to find time to answer a few of the questions that intrigued CampaignGO’s blog readers:

Why did you decide to record the video?
I wrote a post about it a few years ago, around the time when things brightened up for me and I began to actually make a living as a musician. Around 500 people shared my story but we didn’t find him. I guess that Chanukah reignited the flame in me, and I thought a video could do a better job this time.

What were the responses?
Amazing! I’m really blown away. Once I realized the video was getting viral, I was expecting some vicious trolling comments, but they never came. I received over a thousand encouraging emails and messages from people around the world telling me how much they liked my story and shared their stories with me as well. I think I can count the negative responses on my two hands. I’m actually very surprised by this because I’m a pretty cynical person, and must admit that my perspective really changed.

Are there any leads?
Yes! We have found the guy who sold the guitar to Bill Doran (the person who pawned the guitar). He sold it to him in 1991 after a show in El Cajon, CA where he probably lived. Today, Bill Doran should be roughly 50-55 years old. But I haven’t found the actual eBay seller yet. 

After you (hopefully) find the seller, what would be the next step?
Sleep. Oh! And going back to doing things other than answering emails all day long 🙂

What would you like to say to the seller once you find him?
I would like to show him what a big impact his gift had on my life. I’ve had the privilege of working on some great projects with great people over the last few years, and I just want to show him that his gift actually made a difference and led to something.

A short message to the eBay seller community members that are trying to help?
Open your hearts and send people free stuff once in a while – nice things might happen 15 years later 🙂

This inspiring story really shows the essence of the eBay seller community which consists of hard working people with hearts of gold. We want to thank all of the sellers that shared the video and offered Arnold their help, and invite you all contact us or with any information you may have.

Remember, “To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.” ~ Dr. Suess


All the best,

The CampaignGO Team